Boktips: NFL Record and Fact Book 2014

RecordAndfactsBook2014_SmallVarje släpps den här bibeln till oss NFL-nördar. Mastig är bara förnamnet.

OBS! Årets upplaga skall ha Russel Wilson på framsidan. Vissa handlare har visserligen boken, men väljer att presentera den med fjolårets omslag (Joe Flacco) tills vidare. Läs noga således. Utgivningsdatumet skall vara slutet av juli 2014.

CDON är en av de handlare som säljer den i Sverige. Du hittar den här.

Boktips: The essential smart football

Sommaren är här. Inga matcher i ligan och tämligen dåligt med nyheter ((Om nu de entlediga idrottarna inte kör fulla eller begår tyngre brott)), så vad gör man? Läser en bok kanske?

Med dagens boktips löper jag tämligen stor risk att vara ”tvåa på bollen”, men bra böcker är dock värda att få lite mediautrymme. Chris B. Browns ”The essential smart fotball” är boken för dig som vill förkovra sig lite ytterligare i sporten, och få reda på bakgrunden till olika strategier. ((Om du är en nybörjare, och skall köpa din första NFL-bok, rekommenderar jag istället Pat Kirwans ”take your eyes of the ball”)). Begrepp som ”Spread offense, West coast offense m.m skall förhoppningsvis inte längre vara okända för dig efter att ha läst den här boken.

Precis som många andra böcker i den här genrén (utbildande ”referensverk”) rekommenderar jag att prova dem på t.ex. Amazon Kindle ((Finns som app via AppStore. Går säkert lösa med vilken annan läsplatta som helst.)) eftersom dessa ger dig stora möjligheter att stryka under och indexera bra stycken som du snabbt kanske vill hitta tillbaka till mitt under en match.

Som vanligt saxar vi även Amazons beskrivning av boken nedan. Om du har läst boken får du gärna lämna ditt omdöme i kommentarsfälten nedan.

[quote_box]The Essential Smart Football is an examination of football’s most important strategies and ideas, through the lens of the game’s best coaches, players, and schemes. Brilliantly written and eschewing unnecessary jargon and technicality, it makes a major contribution to our understanding of football to help all of us — coaches, players, and fans — appreciate the game we love all the more.

The Essential Smart Football features analysis of football’s top strategists and their schemes, including:

– Urban Meyer’s spread offense
– Tom Brady’s no-huddle attack
– Bill Belichick’s hybrid defense
– Mike Leach’s pass-happy ”Air Raid” offense
– The most popular scheme for running the ball in the NFL
– Nick Saban’s school of defense

The book also includes explorations of modern approaches to the West Coast Offense, evolutions in defensive fronts and coverages, the changing role of the running game in spread and pro-style offenses, and much more.[/quote_box]

Boken finns att köpa på AdLibris.

Bowls, Polls, and Tattered Souls

Efter alla böcker om NFL kanske det är dags för lite material för dig som vill botanisera i collegefotbollen. ”Bowls, Polls, and Tattered Souls: Tackling the Chaos and Controversy That Reign over College Football” av Stewart Mandel är dagens boktips. Tipset kommer ifrån signaturen @js_otf. Kommentera gärna om du vet eller tycker något om boken.

(Som vanligt är texten om boken snodd ifrån ”College Football Mailbag” author Stewart Mandel tackles the ten issues that confound college football fans–with a new chapter on the 2007 season

”An intricate tour through the ills of the college football world (and there are many), but still manages to take on a breezy, airy tone.”
—-The Quad,

”Stewart Mandel writes about college football’s major controversies with a wit and depth of knowledge that will impress even the most obsessed fans. And because he’s both fair and objective, there is something in this book to infuriate nearly everyone.”
—-Warren St. John, author of the bestselling Rammer JammerYellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania

”In a book dripping with sarcasm, Stewart Mandel plays tour guide on an interesting ride through the college football nuthouse.”
—-Bruce Feldman, author of Meat Market and senior writer for ESPN the Magazine

”If you’re confused by the world of college football, particularly the BCS and how the present polls are conducted, then I will recommend to you Bowls, Polls & Tattered Souls.”
—-Football Outsiders

”Presents history and insights on all aspects of the sport, from recruiting to the bowl system to why certain teams play in certain conferences. A great read for fans with thirty days or thirty years of experience.”
—-Orlando Sentinel

If your heart beats faster on Saturday afternoons as your team takes the field, this book will give you new insight into the fanaticism and chaos that characterize college football today. Stewart Mandel takes a provocative, hard-hitting look at the hot-button issues: the controversial BCS; the polls and their largely arbitrary rankings; the ego-inflating recruiting craze; cheating and recent scandals; the huge pressures and salaries heaped on coaches; the Heisman hype-fest; the NFL draft; the clunky conference expansions; privileged Notre Dame, college football’s greatest juggernaut; and the proliferation of bowl games. You’ll get behind-the-scenes insights on how the issues evolved and why some are almost impossible to resolve in a book that’s as entertaining, passionate, and thought-provoking as the game itself.

Boys Will be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty

Vet inte vad det är med böcker om NFL och långa undertitlar? Eller vad sägs om ”Boys Will be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty”. Jeff Pearlman heter dock författaren till den här boken som vi blivit tipsade om utav signaturen @drommarnaskaj. Vi tackar och bugar för tipset. Kommentera gärna om du har läst boken.

(Texten om boken är som vanligt snodd från

In similar fashion to his New York Times bestseller The Bad Guys Won!, about the 1986 New York Mets, in Boys Will Be Boys, award-winning writer Jeff Pearlman chronicles the outrageous antics and dazzling talent of a team fueled by ego, sex, drugs—and unrivaled greatness. Rising from the ashes of a 1–15 season in 1989 to capture three Super Bowl trophies in four years, the Dallas Cowboys were guided by a swashbuckling, skirt-chasing, power-hungry owner, Jerry Jones, and his two eccentric, hard-living coaches, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer. Together the three built a juggernaut that America loved and loathed.

But for a team that was so dominant on Sundays, the Cowboys were often a dysfunctional circus the rest of the week. Irvin, nicknamed ”The Playmaker,” battled dual addictions to drugs and women. Charles Haley, the defensive colossus, presided over the team’s infamous ”White House,” where the parties lasted late into the night and a steady stream of long-legged groupies came and went. And then there were Smith and Sanders, whose Texas-sized egos were eclipsed only by their record-breaking on-field perfomances.

With an unforgettable cast of characters and a narrative as hard-hitting and fast-paced as the team itself, Boys Will Be Boys immortalizes the most beloved—and despised—dynasty in NFL history.

Take your eye of the ball

Dagens tips kommer från undertecknad själv som vill dela med sig av boken ”Take your eye of the ball” av Pat Kirwan. En ytterligare rekommendation är att införskaffa den på E-bok ((Själv har jag den för Kindle på Ipad)). Anledningen till det här är att boken lämpar sig bra som återkommande referensbok. E-bokens format gör det då enkelt att hitta dina gamla favoritpartier etc.

Som vanlig har vi snott texten lite småfult från

Today’s NFL fans have more viewing options than ever before. Each and every week, football addicts plant themselves in front of big-screen, high-definition TVs and watch the game they love unfold via slow-motion replays and multiple camera angles, pausing and fast-forwarding the action on their DVRs as they please.

Yet while more and more football fans are watching the NFL each week, many of them don’t know exactly what they should be watching. What does the offense’s formation tell you about the play that’s about to be run? When a quarterback throws a pass toward the sideline and the wide receiver cuts inside, which player is to blame? Why does a defensive end look like a Hall of Famer one week and a candidate for the practice squad the next?…

…Take Your Eye Off the Ball is not a beginner’s introduction to football, nor is it a technical manual for only the most studious of fans. Instead, it clearly and simply explains the intricacies and nuances that affect the outcomes of every NFL game. No more passively watching the action unfold with only the TV analyst’s clichés to guide you, no more wondering why one player is on the field and not another. Take Your Eye Off the Ball:

* Explains the pros and cons of different personnel groups

* Tells you what to look for when projecting a college quarterback’s success in the NFL

* Gives fans a simple, easy-to-remember checklist to help them understand the action on the field

Boken finns att köpa på AdLibris

The Blind Side

Dagens tips kommer signaturen @Mekonen91 och handlar om den kanske allra mest kända boken/filmen med NFL-tema de senaste åren. Tipsaren gör dock en viktigt tillägg som alla bör känna till. Boken handlar om så mycket mer än det som är med i filmen. Historien om Michael Oher är fantastisk, men boken handlar lika mycket om spelets utveckling och hur det kom sig att försvara QBs ”blinda sida”.

Som tillägg från redaktionen kan det nämnas att författaren Michael Lewis, även låg bakom boken bakom boken ”Moneyball” (Baseball) som har gjort ett stort avtryck på idrottsvärlden. Är du dessutom intresserad av ekonomi och placeringsfrågor kan hans första bok ”Liar’s Poker” nämnas.

Som vanlig har jag saxat lite om boken från Amazon.

”…Starred Review. As he did so memorably for baseball in Moneyball, Lewis takes a statistical X-ray of the hidden substructure of football, outlining the invisible doings of unsung players that determine the outcome more than the showy exploits of point scorers. In his sketch of the gridiron arms race, first came the modern, meticulously choreographed passing offense, then the ferocious defensive pass rusher whose bone-crunching quarterback sacks demolished the best-laid passing game, and finally the rise of the left tackle—the offensive lineman tasked with protecting the quarterback from the pass rusher—whose presence is felt only through the game-deciding absence of said sacks. A rare creature combining 300 pounds of bulk with ”the body control of a ballerina,” the anonymous left tackle, Lewis notes, is now often a team’s highest-paid player. Lewis fleshes this out with the colorful saga of left tackle prodigy Michael Oher. An intermittently homeless Memphis ghetto kid taken in by a rich white family and a Christian high school, Oher’s preternatural size and agility soon has every college coach in the country courting him obsequiously. Combining a tour de force of sports analysis with a piquant ethnography of the South’s pigskin mania, Lewis probes the fascinating question of whether football is a matter of brute force or subtle intellect…”

False Start – How the New Browns Were Set Up to Fail

Först in av alla våra boktips är Terry Plutos ”False Start – How the New Browns Were Set Up to Fail”. Tipset kommer från twitter-signaturen @pratpojken, som själv hade blivit tipsad av @snsptzr. Stort tack till dig för det här tipset. Om du har läst boken, skriv gärna en kommentar om vad du tyckte om den.

“NFL fans in general and Browns’ fans in particular will definitely want to read . . . a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at how the new Browns were created and what’s kept them from making the progress everyone expected.” — Houston Chronicle

(Texten är hämtad från

Terry Pluto, one of Cleveland’s top sportswriters, takes a hard look at the unhappy beginnings of the new Cleveland Browns franchise. This book chronicles the backroom deals, big-money power plays, poor decisions, and plain bad luck that have dogged the venerable team since Art Modell skipped town in 1995.

When the new Cleveland Browns took the field in 1999, it was supposed to be the dawn of a grand new era of football in Cleveland. Instead, it was a rude wakeup call.

Legions of loyal fans—once heartsick, abandoned, and disgusted at the loss of their team in 1995—were ready to forgive the past and embrace the future . . . a new owner, a new team, a new stadium. They just wanted their Browns back. But it soon became clear: Browns fans got a bum deal. The NFL had traded one of the most storied teams in football history for a franchise mired in mediocrity.

These fans, after owner Art Modell skipped town with their beloved Browns, became the only fans ever to take on the NFL, demand their team back—and win. Yet while they were celebrating the supposed victory that kept “our name, our colors, our team” in Cleveland, fans should have been looking over their shoulders and keeping a close watch on the NFL. There would be few reasons to celebrate in the years to come.

How much longer would they have to wait for a return to glory? Pluto sifts through the clues and looks for answers. This is a book the NFL does not want you to read.